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Cheers and welcome to my blog! I'm Ronda, Creator/Fearless Leader of The Walltalk Company.
I have many passions besides Walltalk and this blog is the perfect outlet to share them.
Join me once in awhile as I share my life experiences as a business woman( straight from the kitchen table:),
a mom of 3 great guys (all out of the nest),a friend (a good one I hope), a partner (for 20 years)
and a creative soul (for always)!

My Sweet Valentine...

Posted by Ronda on 1/26/2016

Really? It's 2016 already?

Posted by Ronda on 1/25/2016
It's great to see you! As you can see, it's been some time since I last blogged. What can I say? I just got
wrapped up in life and the pursuit of sanity and more happiness:) It's quite an interesting story.

As soon as we've completed our site update and new product designs, I'll be back. In the meantime
feel free to read a few old (but mostly still relevant;) blogs.

I'm excited to share all that's new. So, check back when you have a minute;)

Walltalk to you soon!