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Thanks for popping by. Nice to see you again!

The Walltalk Company is the ORIGINAL manufacturer of decorative quotes and words for walls. 
We began our business 15 short years ago at a kitchen table in a little town in Southern Ontario.
Today, we are the largest and most recognized brand of vinyl typography in Canada and...
we are 100% Canadian!

A Bit About Me

Some refer to my story as a "Rags to Riches" tale but I'd like to say,
I've never worn rags and I've never been rich. (not in a monetary sense anyways:) But, I have been blessed.

The Walltalk Company is a creative outlet; a place to express myself as an Artist and a "Word" girl.
My love for words and design goes hand in hand in creating Walltalk.  I have to say
I'm absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to bring a little bit of change
to this world; one word at a time.

Walltalk can be found in homes coast to coast as well as in hospitals over
operating room tables, in Alzheimer's homes, in mental healthcare facilities
and more.  The Power of Words is amazing and I hope that
together, we're helping to making a difference.

Walltalk to you soon and thanks for your support!

Creator/Fearless Leader
The Walltalk Company

Phone Us @ 1.800.390.4577 
Snail Mail Us @ 594 Grandview Drive
Meaford, Ontario. N4L 1K3
Email Us @ 
[email protected]