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Cheers and welcome to my blog! I'm Ronda, Creator/Fearless Leader of The Walltalk Company. I have many passions besides Walltalk (AND FISHING :)and this blog is the perfect outlet to share them.
Join me once in awhile as I share my life experiences as a business woman( straight from the kitchen table:), a mom of 3 great guys (all out of the nest),a friend (a good one I hope), a partner (for 27 years)and a creative soul (for always)!

Seriously Pickled!

Posted by Ronda on 8/4/2019 to 2019
There are many things that bring me absolute joy and one of them is pickling season; another is old mason jars. 
It's Saturday morning and I'm off on a pickling jaunt; java in hand; end destination a local market. Along the way, there are garage sales in abundance, browsing a little at the local shops and a chat with a good friend; it's girlfriend time too and its the best.
On a mission and out to fulfill my pickling passion: I thoroughly enjoy the adventure. I'm not really a pickle girl so to speak but, I love to wander, come home; chop things up, arrange them like a painting in a beautiful jar and then give them away. Just so you know, I stick to the basic pickling rules so as not to poison anyone near and dear but by nature, I 'm a little impatient on the "the rules". (I really have to work on that:)
So today following a delightful morning, I arrive home armed with $3.00 worth of pickles, $5.00 worth of beans and $20.00 worth of other stuff I NEED to pickle. But, I don't really care how much it costs, I'm so excited! I have the goods AND a whole box filled with wonderful old mason jars (given to me by an "I've given up pickling!" friend). My pickling personality simply cannot wait.
Jars in the dishwasher, I chop all that shit up; make my pickling juice and I'm go to go; Picasso Pickles coming up! I pack each one of those beautiful, old mason jars full (the part that takes me the longest) and,
 as patiently as humanly possible, I begin the final stage; the pour. Then, only one thing left to do...seal them and add fabulous packaging; I LOVE the packaging part:)
 But, low and behold...not one of those beautiful, old mason jars would hold a seal; go figure!
"The Salvage" transferred to a real modern mason jar;
packaging to follow:)
 (Did you know you can pour candles into fabulous old mason jars?) 


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