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"I apologize. But, I'll never be sorry."

Yes, I have been missing in action for the past year. My business has been neglected, life has been disrupted and nothing will ever be the same. But, I’m back and I just want to share the human side of what happened and why I went away.

One year ago, our Mom was diagnosed with Alzheimers and a need to go into assisted living. Within 6 months she was transferred to a Memory care unit and 3 months later is now in Longterm Care confined to a wheelchair.

My Brothers and our Spouses made our Mom’s care a priority.  She is settled now with excellent care.
And so, its time for us to get back to the business of business and, back to life.

Thank-you for your patience, your support and allowing me time to heal.


“We do not  remember days. We remember moments.”

In honour of our Mom and many other precious souls out there, a  portion of the proceeds from the sale of this quote will go to The Alzheimer Society.

The Heart of Alzheimers beats here