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Cheers and welcome to my blog! I'm Ronda, Creator/Fearless Leader of The Walltalk Company. I have many passions besides Walltalk (AND FISHING :)and this blog is the perfect outlet to share them.
Join me once in awhile as I share my life experiences as a business woman( straight from the kitchen table:), a mom of 3 great guys (all out of the nest),a friend (a good one I hope), a partner (for 27 years)and a creative soul (for always)!

My Newest Adventure

Posted by Ronda on 9/18/2019 to 2019
There are times in our lives when things that happen out of the blue, just feel right. Today was one of those days.
I ventured off in search of a little more of myself and something new that would bring some much needed balance to my life.
Last week as I floated away fishing on a tea stained lake (that's what they call it when the waters are muddy and the Walleye are biting) in Northern Ontario, I realized that I needed some change. I had to find a balance that would work in my life.
As an entrepreneur for the past 9 years, somehow, someway I was loosing a little of my fun loving, artistic self that I'd come to know and love. With a busy schedule and a great deal of pressure, I needed an escape. Friends of mine started Yoga and said it was awesome and so I decided, yoga it is!
I registered for my 1st class in my local small town (Shelburne, On) and went to a quaint, comforting little place I had seen but, had never explored. It's called Soaring Hearts. When I ventured inside, I was greeted with a gentle smile by a cool guy who reminded me of my holidays in Jamaica (my favourite time of year:). The space around filled me with new light. There were beautiful paintings, a fresh crisp atmosphere, healthy stuff but mostly a peace; an undeniable calm.  
To keep a long story somewhat short, I spent the next awesome hour (and a bit:) with my new Yoga Teacher Ellen; a woman filled with a contentment that brought me peace for the 1st time in many months. We talked about "stuff" and finding your way in this crazy world; who couldn't use a conversation like that?
I'm so looking forward to my next class and I'll be back to share my Yoga Adventure with you over the next few weeks.
And to think, it all started with the desire for a new YOGA COLLECTION for Walltalk; funny how things happen.
Walltalk to you soon!

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