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Cheers and welcome to my blog! I'm Ronda, Creator/Fearless Leader of The Walltalk Company. I have many passions besides Walltalk (AND FISHING :)and this blog is the perfect outlet to share them.
Join me once in awhile as I share my life experiences as a business woman( straight from the kitchen table:), a mom of 3 great guys (all out of the nest),a friend (a good one I hope), a partner (for 27 years)and a creative soul (for always)!

Good News Girls! Laughter is very slimming!

Posted by Ronda on 8/27/2019 to 2019
Although I'm not a girl who's a big fan of the colour pink, I do love
my pink echinacea plant. So, I thought I'd pop out this morning;
coffee in hand and snap a few photos of them in all their glory:)
And, look who I found enjoying my pink bounty in the morning sun!
Which got me to thinking what other pink things do I love?
And then one came to mind. 
So, I ran down to the "storage area" to retrieve it so that I could share.
 And, here it is! One of the most fun, creative projects
we've ever done at the Walltalk Company.
Stacks of magazines, cardboard backing, glue sticks
and a whole bunch of smart, creative women!
"Pink" was the only rule:) We did this 7 years ago
and to this day, it's one of my favourite pink things
filled with fabulous pink, girly messages...
"Good news, girls. Laughter is very slimming."

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