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Cheers and welcome to my blog! I'm Ronda, Creator/Fearless Leader of The Walltalk Company. I have many passions besides Walltalk (AND FISHING :)and this blog is the perfect outlet to share them.
Join me once in awhile as I share my life experiences as a business woman( straight from the kitchen table:), a mom of 3 great guys (all out of the nest),a friend (a good one I hope), a partner (for 27 years)and a creative soul (for always)!

And I think to myself...

Posted by Ronda on 2/19/2020
OMG; what a day!!! So, I'm just putting it out there my friends; totally brutally honest. I'm a creative girl and my struggle with social media has been real. Like, scary real.

I've run a million $$$ company and been blessed with an entrepreneurial experience many just dream of. But, I had my people; great people who looked after all the things I was perplexed by. And, they were so good at it! Be it accounting, techie shit or putting together IKEA office furniture, they had me covered. God how I miss them. Semi retirement is all great but I can no longer kid myself, its not without its challenges; ha!

So, as I go forward with my business into this whole new world of social media, I'm learning to be patient. I call the help lines and try not to take it personally when my kids look at me backwards when I inquire about how it all works.

Today, I finally figured out how to post on Instagram from my COMPUTER!!! Oh no, not my phone like the rest of the world, that would be too easy and the screen is too small for me to see all the details. BUT, I am on my way now :) Please be patient with me as I learn the ropes of etiquette on Instagram. Right now I'm so damn excited I'm just posting all kinds of shit!

And I think to myself, what a wonderful day!!!

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